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Are you Looking a travel portal development company in India?


Are you in travel business? Then I am pretty much sure that you must have noticed the emergence of many travel portals recently. And it has helped them big time to generate more and more revenue. If you want to do the same, then you must think of having an online portal.

And to do so, you must hire either a pro or a travel portal development company to achieve what you want. We provide the same as travel portal development empowers us to practice some of our best skills. Having dealt with web portal development, advanced web development, portal development, we have an award-winning team of experts who can offer complete web development service. Our travel website designs offer solution to handle online issue regarding web portal; whether it is cancellation of ticket or refunding your customers.

And understandably travel companies have started looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions to handle their online travel portal. Besides that, travel agency software has been a huge success and there are many travel companies who have shifted completely from offline transactions to online travel portal. And as a result more number of people are shopping online and booking tickets over the internet.

Skypoint india is a web portal development company that helps you to implement, use and access the best travel portal development services. You can experience best solution from us as we have in-depth knowledge in the industry. And it helps you deliver the best software for your travel company. And what can be icing on the cake, if you get your software along with your travel portal.

This can help you to compete with your competitors with our unique travel website design and travel portals. Our services can be used by small travel agencies and by large-scale travel industries and agencies. The travel portal development service we offer can be utilized by travel agents, tour operators, corporate travel companies, B2B travel consolidators, travel management companies, start-up travel companies and start-up entrepreneurs.

Avial travel portal development solution from the best travel portal development company in India

Our web portal development on travel specialized solutions include hotel booking engine, web-designing, b2b travel portal, air ticket booking software, bus ticket booking portal, travel portal development, web portal design, web portal development, car booking and more. We have been developing travel portals in india as well as abroad so that we can bring revolution in this very industry. And that would be a reality with the amount of work we are putting in. What has put an impetus into this very industry is travel agency software specially designed for travel agencies.

Features of B2B travel portals & travel agency software

  •  Ticket booking (domestic and international)

    The B2B travel portal or travel agency software help you to book the best domestic and international flight online. You can easily select the source and destination along with the date of travel which will fetch you the result of flights available. All You need is to choose the right flight and you will be able to book a seat for you or for your friends with just a one click on a software. Hence, the b2b travel portal development, travel agency software develoment, or even b2c travel portal development should be done with utmost care.
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  •  Ticket booking (domestic and international)

    Train ticket booking :- Do you want to travel by train? The travel portals allow you to choose the train you wish to travel. It will also show you the availability of seats so you can confirm your seat while booking.
  • bus-ticket-icon
  •  Bus ticket booking

    We, one of the stand out figure among travel portal development companies in India, very much equipped with the tarvel portal development in India. Hence, we can help you in every possible way. That can be a list of buses to find out the best possible option for the user with just one click, or choosing a particular seat. Everything can be done without any hassle.
  • holiday-booking-icon
  •  Holiday booking/vacation planning

    Integration of holiday booking or vacation planning is an integral part of travel portal development servcice. This will help end users to a great extent since it would help users to choose the mode of transport as well as hotel, that too without any hassle.
  • hotel-booking-icon
  •  Hotel booking

    Besides helping users booking their ticket, travel portal or software also helps them choosing their hotel as well. It is easy and people can do it at one go; no need to book transportation, hotel separately. It is safe and effective; and consumes less time as well.
  • secured-payment-service
  •  Payment gateway

    While involving in advanced web development, we keep your priority high to provide you the best payment gateway; so that people can feel safe while making any online transaction. Thus we make online payments secured by integrating payment gateway.
  • sms-gateway-icon
  •  SMS gateway integration

    Along with the web development service we integrate the SMS API (as well as MLM pipeline) which sends you a reminder to book tickets or sends the e-tickets as a text format to your mobile phone.
  • agent-software-icon
  •  Agent creation

    The travel solution software has provision to user creation. Every user must have unique access to login, book tickets and make payment. Unique ID and password for every user are mandatory, and we enable that in your site; so that you don’t face any issue as far as hacking is concerned.
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    How does an online travel portal development company help its customers?

    B2B Online travel portals and web portal development are beneficial to the users and owners as it brings easy solution to user who loves to travel. Customers can easily search for hotels and book them online or even they can see their booking rooms as well. And besides that, they can view their account details, booking stage, seat number easily and use them accordingly. Therefore, Booking a ticket or cancelling a ticket becomes very easy.

    They can also activate and deactivate their accounts as per their need as well. With the web portal design, it is easy for you to create a new B2C user from the backend as well. With the portal development, editing or adding more information to a B2C user is not a big deal. Customers can view their information online which helps them to book the ticket easily and quickly. And what makes that possible is the responsive design of the website.

    As a part of the fastest growing travel portal development company, you should be competent and can get maximum ROI by Skypoint India. Any web portal development company can do that, but you need to figure out what suits your need, and then plan accordingly. You can certainly discuss your plan with us; we will help you planning your site or software.

    Flight, Bus, Hotel booking and other features of the online travel portals

    • Quick as well as easy to access and responsive web design
    • SEO friendly websites
    • Bus, train, flight, car, Hotel Booking Engine services
    • Business models include B2B, B2C, B2B2B, and B2B2C
    • Connected with major travel suppliers
    • Simple Sign on with Google and Facebook accounts
    • Search results are with filters
    • Scheduled ticket history
    • MIS reports
    • Easy to search one way and round trip
    • Information page for customers
    • Instant SMS and email notification
    • Booking and cancellation reports
    • Graphical reports of all transaction
    • Payment gateway, Recharge api
    • Sales and commission report
    • Membership, promo code, deposit management.

    How much would travel portal development cost?

    Generally, the travel portal development, costs 2k to 4k USD, no matter whom you hire to work with. But we are providing travel portal development services in India in less than that. Needless to say, we are totally dedicated to the quality of work and that too within your budget.

    So, feel free and call us up for more such info.


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